Hallo Lieben !! Ich heiße Sylwia. Ich wohne im Hajnówka . I komme aus Polen.Ich bin 13 Jahre alt. Ich interessiere musik. Meine lieblingssgruppe ist TH (Evanescence , PCD, VN , Verba, Virgin etc.) . Und Ich suche Freund. Vielerlei : Vorname : Sylwia Alter : 13 Augenfarbe : blau Haarfarbe : blond Hobbies : musik Bis bald !!
Hey !

HEY !!

Thursday. Today was ok. In my class was a ,Mikołajki' <i don't now what in english mean> . My friend given to me a present. It's necklace, candle and Briefcase. It's pretty. Tomorrow I have a very labor day...mean today. I must go doing my homework ;/ Suck... . It is it outsize. Eh... . For miri : Thx you visited my blog. Yes, I am a fan TH. Page ? No,thx. I have a hope you  will visit my blog else . My english isn't  good too :lol: But i think you now what I mean. Ok , i must go . Homeworks...I kill myself. Bye :*

7.12.06 17:58

Hi !

Hallo !

Today I write 2nd time. Why ? Because my cousin want XD It's Dominika. She's 13 too.  And I arrived to her today. I taked one stupid book. Now , Im on the YouTube and watching a videos . Now it's Because of you. Next be Hurt. I love that songs ! :P I like PSD too. I always foret write everything XD WOW :P Now is 21:00 o clock .  I must have a shower. Ok :P Auf Wiedersehen ! XD


5.12.06 21:02

Hallo !


Today,I became to home earlier. I did not have 2 lessons . Cool . But tomorrow...Bleeh. Tomorrow I have a correction my competition - Polish ;/ And teacher will be ask from last subject ;/ Hopelessy. Tomorrow will be Music ,and we will be singing a stupid song about soliders ;/ This teacher always have a stupid songs... . Today I as survive lessons.

In the morning in this room was mention a windows. Now it's cold. Ok , I must go on bottom,to eating my dinner <lol> . Salute ! Tschüß!

5.12.06 14:03

Hey !

Hey !

My name is Sylwia. I'm 13 . I from Poland. I live in Hajnówka. I have an older brother - Arthur. My hobby is music   .My favourite bands are : TH,VN , Evanescence,my favourite singer : Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson and Pink. I have a lot of favourites songs (for exemple : Hurt, My road, Rette Mich , Znam Cię na pamięć etc.) . So,I have my best friend - Justyna. I don't like school ,and i love a holidays. I write in English ,because I don't now Germany xD .One year ago I learned it,but parents in my class want if we learning Russian ;/ Suck... . I don't now what I can wirte...I think I go to sleep. Bye :*

4.12.06 21:10

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