Hallo Lieben !! Ich heiße Sylwia. Ich wohne im Hajnówka . I komme aus Polen.Ich bin 13 Jahre alt. Ich interessiere musik. Meine lieblingssgruppe ist TH (Evanescence , PCD, VN , Verba, Virgin etc.) . Und Ich suche Freund. Vielerlei : Vorname : Sylwia Alter : 13 Augenfarbe : blau Haarfarbe : blond Hobbies : musik Bis bald !!
Hi !

Hallo !

Today I write 2nd time. Why ? Because my cousin want XD It's Dominika. She's 13 too.  And I arrived to her today. I taked one stupid book. Now , Im on the YouTube and watching a videos . Now it's Because of you. Next be Hurt. I love that songs ! :P I like PSD too. I always foret write everything XD WOW :P Now is 21:00 o clock .  I must have a shower. Ok :P Auf Wiedersehen ! XD


5.12.06 21:02

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miri (5.12.06 22:52)
hey! i'm from germany and i like poland very much
why you didn't make a page about you? maybe with some pictures or a description about you..? that would be cool
sorry, my english isn't the best...do you like tokio hotel? i love them
greeting, miri

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